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Centered. Certain. Strong.


Dr. Jack Barnathan

Create a powerful change.
A thoughtfully designed strategy for personal excellence and professional success.  
For you personally.  Your employee / team.  Your business 
Own your Power of Presence.
Present an inspired service, style, energy and outlook that's uniquely your own.  
A Brand and Marketing strategy focused upon the most important factor:
that which sets you apart.
Clearly establish yourself  as one of a kind, invaluable, and therefore, irreplaceable.
Finally. Emphatically.
Lead the Field.
An industry leading standard of service that is nothing less than exceptional.

Here is where your genius lies . . . 

“Dr. Jack, your work to promote Fitness has made such a powerful impact.  Your leadership and talks at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Festival are always highlights of the weekend for me. 

I am proud to know you.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



Dr. Jack Barnathan 
NY Strength Inc.
590 Madison Avenue   21st Floor
New York, N.Y. 10022

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