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"Dr. Jack, your work has made such a powerful impact on individuals of all ages.  Your leadership at the seminars you created at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Festival is outstanding, and your talks are always one of the highlights of the weekend for me.  I am proud to know you."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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"Dr. Jack is one of the most thoughtful, kind hearted and most inspiring individuals I have ever met.
He is incredibly passionate about his work and generous with his insights.  He educates, helps and consults with outstanding results, helping his clients find their inner strengths.  He is able to see unique qualities of his students and is able to guide them towards personal & professional success.  He is a wonderful friend and an incredibly positive spirit.  I recommend his talents to anyone who is looking for a mentor.
- Anna M. Tokarska
Portrait, Fashion and Advertising Photographer
Previously: Internationally acclaimed fashion model

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"Without a doubt, the reason for where I am in my life is largely shaped by Dr Jack Barnathan. From the moment I met Dr Barnathan almost 15 years ago; his steady guidance, teachings, support and inspiration has impacted the course of my life profoundly. I have benefited immensely in both my athletic and business professional careers.  As a long distance runner, Dr Barnathan’s coaching has helped me perform stronger and consistently with every race I completed – I earned personal records each time, including a third finish ranking in my age group at the 2014 Montreal Marathon

On a business level, Dr Jack has mentored me on how to competitively distinguish myself from others. In so doing, I learned how to climb the corporate ladder, as a leader. My sense of style in interpersonal business relationships is the result of attending and learning tremendously from Dr Barnathan’s teachings. 

It is incredibly rare for a person to possess both unparallel business acumen and be renowned also as a leading authority in the arena on health/fitness. I’m honoured to know Dr Barnathan; he is the unique individual that seamlessly fits this profile."

Tanya DiPaolo CPA, CMA
Corporate Consultant - Consulting Team Leader - Life-Style Design Consultant


Dr. Jack Barnathan 

Dr. Barnathan began his career as the director of a community Crisis / Drug / Suicide prevention hotline while studying to become a doctor.  He created a groundbreaking "special-needs hotline" for physically and learning disabled, years before the federal government mandated the services.  Dr. Barnathan also conceived and hosted a first ever national meeting of hotline directors, all this before his 22nd birthday.

As a multi-award winning sports doctor, Dr. Barnathan developed strategies for exceptional physical performance while working with some of the greatest athletes in the world.  He began sharing these insights through his consulting, and then leading thousands of workshops across the country in topics ranging from Wellness, Personal Peak Living, Life-Style Design and Physical Excellence.

With multiple degrees, including a B.B.A. in Accounting, it was a natural next step for him to apply these “gold medal winning” strategies in the Business world, guiding entrepreneurs and corporations in first defining their most unique strengths and next, applying them toward the goal and market that is most important for meaningful success.

He has lectured at The Kennedy Space Center’s training facility (with his presentations archived by NASA for future reference,) The South Lawn of the White House as part of National Physical Fitness & Sports Day, top corporate executives on Wall Street and conceived a National Symposium on Natural Fitness which Arnold Schwarzenegger has served as keynote speaker for each of it’s 25 years.

Dr. Barnathan has advised, and represented at events Presidents of the United States and their families, among the countless thousands he has served throughout his career.

Dr. Barnathan is widely acclaimed as an innovative speaker who combines cutting edge information with inspirational themes, leading workshops, doctor level continuing education seminars and in-house training programs for institutions and organizations around the world.



Dr. Jack is so much more than a consultant, he is a true friend. He makes you feel as though you are the one and only person he takes care of. Having Dr. Jack on your side is so powerful; you have support, advice, and inspiration every step of the way. He has helped bring out my passion for helping others through fitness, taking a job into a career and into a mission. Working with him is an honor and a blessing.

- Debi Darnell
Certified Fitness Trainer - Master of Fitness Design
Life | Style | Design Consultant - NYS Faculty


Working with Dr. Jack Barnathan has sincerely helped me grow my business, my relationships with my clientele, and my vision for the future!
He is so gifted in honing in on your personal strengths, and helping you develop a unique edge to set you above and beyond everyone in your field.  After every consultation I feel even more inspired.  
I am so grateful to be a part of this team!
- Nikki Fiel
Master of Fitness Sciences
Life Style Design Consultant
NYS Faculty


"Thank you definietly does not cover how grateful I am for all your insights and strategies that you have shared with me in developing my company.  Without question the best decision I ever made was to consult with you.  The time, care and guidance that you have shown me when I almost made the biggest professional mistake of my life, which you saved me from.  Dr. Jack has a unique ability to see things in you that you would never even think of.  I would recommend and encourage anyone in any business this is a LIFE CHANGING experience that you cannot afford to pass on.
Thank you Dr. Jack for all you do to keep your "Team" in such a great position.
- Chef Don Doward
Master Chef  Master Trainer  Master of Fitness Sciences
LifeStyle Design Consultant
NYS Faculty

"Dr. Jack is the quietly-loud voice that is inside of you, and he is able to bring that voice to life! He has an amazing gift of seeing what your strengths are and helps you build on those strengths. Dr. Jack isn't just a mentor, he is a "power of presence" in your life that will lift you to be the absolute best! There is no doubt that I am serving my clients better with his mentoring. Thank you Dr. Jack for your never-ending encouragement, your loyal friendship, your overflowing support and for being a powerful presence in my life! You are truly unique in everyway and I am thankful and blessed to call you MY MENTOR and FRIEND."
-Tracey Palmer, R.N., CFT
Master of Fitness Design
Life Style Design Consultant
NYS Faculty 

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Dr. Jack has been a mentor of mine since 2002 when I became certified in Personal Training.  

Little did I know the impact you would have on my life. Learning from you has been an unbelievable experience. You teach from the heart and bring the best out of the people you work with. You have inspired me to be a better version of me and have always believed I could do more, be more and deliver the best of myself to others. 

Working with you over the years has been life changing. And now, I am taking it to the “higher ground” with your guidance and support.   Thank from the bottom of my heart.

- Michele Loesch
Master Trainer
Integrative Nutrition Coach
Life Style Design Consultant
NYS Faculty 


DrJack is an innovator and a "way finder."   His thoughtful inclination is contagious.  His methods channel positive energy and clients' strengths (whether 1 on 1 or in a group) creating a unique synergy, particularly in his presence.

- Paul-Jon Patin

World Champion in Sailing
Consultant - Presenter 
Certified Fitness Trainer
Life Style Design Consultant

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