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Life that's Extraordinary. Work that defines your Best.

Dr. Jack Barnathan

A life that's extraordinary.  
Work that defines your very best.  
Here is where
your genius lies.

Dr. Barnathan's strategies serve elite achievers from every conceivable arena of sports, the arts, the corporate world and so much more.
In essence: moving you from ordinary to extraordinary with unique, customized strategies developed through decades of serving, and studying, the very best.


“Dr. Jack, your work . . . has made such a powerful impact.  Your leadership and talks at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Festival are always highlights of the weekend for me. 

I am proud to know you.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



Dr. Jack Barnathan 
NY Strength Inc.
590 Madison Avenue   21st Floor
New York, N.Y. 10022


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