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Centered. Certain. Strong.


Dr. Jack Barnathan

• Create a profound change
    For yourself.  For those you serve.
• Own your Power of Presence
    Clearly define your service as unique.
    Set a new standard of excellence in all you do.


Dr. Jack Barnathan has served some of the world's great achievers.

From Olympic legends and stars of Hollywood & Broadway to leaders of the Fortune 50, their corporations, employees and more.  He designs for each client unique tools essential for profound change and standard setting excellence that drives inspired, lasting success.

He defines this fresh approach to exceptional service (and the success that follows) through his one of a kind:
• live and virtual workshops • private coaching • corporate consulting • media presentations • exclusive invitation only events.
The core of this unique system lies in his ability to find, fine tune and share what he refers to as, your "essential strengths."  When properly focused, they will drive the success you deserve through exceptional service design.
Here is where your genius lies . . . 
A skill he has developed into a powerful system early on during his days as the director of a crisis / drug / suicide prevention hotline.  An art that he mastered in an environment with literally no room for error.


“Dr. Jack, your work to promote Fitness has made such a powerful impact.  Your leadership and talks at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Festival are always highlights of the weekend for me. 

I am proud to know you.”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



Dr. Jack Barnathan 
NY Strength Inc.
590 Madison Avenue   21st Floor
New York, N.Y. 10022

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